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The most popular source for movies in Spain


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From off to on


Leading paper magazine in circulation and diffusion of the film publications sector; with almost 200,000 free copies distributed in the best cinema complexes throughout Spain. It reached more than 762,000 readers with an average of 4 readers per issue.


Cinerama Magazine is located in the hall of the main cinemas and cinematographic chains, being a claim for the spectators who come to the cinemas where they are present. The challenge was to reach all the other users who also love cinema. In other words, a complete digital transformation.


We couldn’t just create just another one web page. We had to bet on a solution that would take advantage of the full potential of cinerama: fast, agile and adapted to the users. We had to look far beyond the paper magazine. And the best solution was an app.

Film view

Post detail

Trailer view

Special thanks to Flore Maquin for her art. One of my best sources of inspiration.


remember: Every pixel matters
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